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  2. If you're hoping for a DJI drone this Christmas, be prepared for one teeny-tiny roadblock as you rush into the back garden with controller in hand. Today, the company has announced a mandatory "Knowledge Quiz" for all of its customers in the UK. It w... View the full article
  3. Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Good morning! Do you remember Magic Leap? You might remember the hype. Well, we now have a headset to stare at -- even if it's just a render. Your old iPhone is also slow for a reason and there's talk of a YouTu... View the full article
  4. Here's a new version of Jingle Bells you won't hear played in malls, and it's courtesy of one of the oldest computers in history. Turing archive director Jack Copeland and composer Jason Long have recreated Ferranti Mark 1's Christmas performance for... View the full article
  5. Carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are pushing for the implementation of 5G by 2019. Yet, despite the flurry of 5G pilot announcements and spectrum purchases, none of them really know what they'll be working with. But, that's about to chan... View the full article
  6. Twenty-five million copies later, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will no longer be a beta -- but executive producer C.H. Kim says there's plenty more to do. View the full article
  7. After getting dragged around the time of the general election, Facebook has spent much of this year taking steps to combat the spread of misinformation on its site. Transparency has been a staple of its mission, and so it's kept the public up to date... View the full article
  8. It'll be there in thinly veiled Prototype form, which is most of the way to the production model. View the full article
  9. Walmart's quest to counter Amazon at every turn has taken its next logical step: helping you avoid as much human interaction as possible. Recode has learned that Walmart has started testing a pair of services that cut the usual retail staff out of th... View the full article
  10. Stung by criticism it helps spread false news reports, the social media giant is helping users fact-check stories with "Related Articles." View the full article
  11. The next big thing from Musk's commercial rocket company SpaceX has been unveiled at Cape Canaveral ahead of its planned inaugural launch in January. View the full article
  12. House Republicans' plans to vote on a bill reauthorizing and expanding the NSA's data surveillance have been put on ice, at least for a while. Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes has informed the media that the vote to extend FISA Section 702,... View the full article
  13. The FDA has approved a new gene therapy that proves the technique can also be used to treat a variety of diseases other than cancer. According to the agency's announcement, the therapy called Luxturna can treat biallelic RPE65 mutation-associated ret... View the full article
  14. The company's latest LCD-based technology for bright, accurate colors and wide viewing angles arrives on desktops in 2018. View the full article
  15. "End of Watch" meets "Lord of the Rings" in Netflix's hard-hitting new blockbuster -- if you can see what's going on through all the dark, shrouded imagery. View the full article
  16. LG was one of the first out of the gate with high-end consumer HDR monitors, and now it's ready to spread its wings a bit. It's unveiling three new displays, all of which promise more intense DisplayHDR 600-rated visuals -- that is, they can reach 6... View the full article
  17. New, heated seats make one of the best sports cars on the market a little easier to live with day to day. View the full article
  18. Browsing the web on the big screen in your living room isn't something many of us are clamoring for. Still, Amazon already added its own Silk browser to select Fire TV devices last month, but is expanding its availability to all Fire TV gadgets today... View the full article
  19. The NW700 includes a subwoofer onboard and is designed to be wall mounted under the company's TVs. View the full article
  20. In the shadow of the iPhone X, Samsung’s 2018 flagship has much to prove. View the full article
  21. Crock-Pot's multicooker battles Instant Pot for kitchen counter space. View the full article
  22. Hey, Amazon: you aren't the only one who pictures blimps full of delivery drones. Walmart has applied for a patent on "gas-filled carrier aircrafts" that would serve as airborne bases, helping courier drones fly to homes they couldn't reach if they... View the full article
  23. During today's solar eclipse, Google will be unveiling its latest OS, Android O. The release event and livestream will begin at 2:40 PM Eastern. "Watch the solar eclipse unveil the Android O superhero. Trust us, it'll be extra sweet," said Google. View the full article
  24. Star Wars: Battlefront II may have a single-player mode -- a first for the series -- but that doesn't mean multiplayer is taking a back seat. Electronic Arts showed off the large-scale, multiplayer Starfighter Assault mode for the first time in a liv... View the full article
  25. We're currently enjoying Overwatch's summer event (including our favorite addition, the grilldad Soldier 76 skin) and looking forward to the recently-announced deathmatch modes coming to the game. In other words, we weren't expecting much during Game... View the full article
  26. In the close-to-three years since its release on PC, The Sims 4 has broken down gender barriers, freed itself from the shackles of the suburbs, and even found time to cater to Mac and console gamers. But, there's been something amiss from the lives o... View the full article
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