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  2. The latest update to messaging app Telegram has added a couple of welcome features to the platform that presents itself as a secure alternative to WhatsApp. The first enables users to record minute-long videos to send to one another instead of having... View the full article
  3. Keeping track of a list of secure passwords across your myriad accounts and services is a nightmare, but it's necessary for the future we live in. LastPass, the password management app, wants to make it a little more convenient on mobile. With the la... View the full article
  4. Priced at $50 everywhere else, this top-rated, travel-friendly speaker features a built-in carabiner and 8-hour battery. Plus: three sweet bonus deals! View the full article
  5. Pairing top actors with a team of interactive-video pros, "Broken Night" lets you direct the action of one couple's life-and-death night. View the full article
  6. With ransomware comes a hefty price and conflict over whether you should pay. Here's what the US government and cybersecurity experts think you should do. View the full article
  7. Apple CEO Tim Cook is testing out a glucose monitor for the Apple Watch, according to a report. View the full article
  8. If you use Zomato to look up restaurants, you may want to check your account: someone has infiltrated its system and got away with 17 million users' IDs, usernames, names, email addresses and hashed passwords. The service says no payment information... View the full article
  9. The episodic, time-bending teenage drama of Life is Strange is coming back for a second season. Developer Dontnod Entertainment confirmed the news in a brief YouTube video, but said little about the premise or when it will be released. "We've been wo... View the full article
  10. An espionage investigation in the US still hangs over the WikiLeaks founder. View the full article
  11. Nothing gets a bunch of young VW enthusiasts going like coilovers, wheels and body kits. View the full article
  12. Today on In Case You Missed It: While we're all focused on cars becoming autonomous and electric, automakers have also been making important advancements in safety. No where is that more apparent than in a collision between a 1998 Toyota Corolla... View the full article
  13. You can also use a good old-fashioned USB stick, if you're not comfortable with a Wi-Fi update. View the full article
  14. Minimalist blogging platform Medium is expanding into audio. Readers who have a $5 per month subscription can now listen to stories published by fellow members, as well as those hand-picked by Medium staff. As TechCrunch notes, more than 50 stories h... View the full article
  15. London City Airport will be the first in the UK to replace a traditional air traffic control tower with a "digital" one. A new, 50-metre tower will be built in the middle of the airport's long-stay car park, overlooking the runway, with 14 cameras an... View the full article
  16. Microsoft VP Panos Panay recently said that "there's no such thing as a Surface Pro 5," and we now know what he meant by that. Images from uber-leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) and his article in Venture Beat show a device simply called the Surface Pro,... View the full article
  17. Twitter may be used globally, but more people are using Weibo, its Chinese equivalent, in China alone. View the full article
  18. Facebook and Instagram might exist as individual services, but under the surface their ties run deep. Instagram users often test major new features before they're eventually ported across to the News Feed and it only takes a push of a button to share... View the full article
  19. Commentary: AR, mixed reality, VR, immersive computing: how many terms can reality take? The AR-VR turf wars have begun. View the full article
  20. Sweden has dropped its investigation into Julian Assange over allegations of rape, dramatically changing the plot in a standoff that has lasted seven years. The charges were first leveled at the WikiLeaks founder in 2010, causing him to seek asylum a... View the full article
  21. Hackers broke into the online restaurant guide but have agreed not to sell your details. View the full article
  22. Even as we begin to wire prosthetics directly into our peripheral nervous systems and wield Deus Ex appendages with only the power of our minds, many conventional prosthetic arms are still pretty clunky, their grips activated through myoelectric sign... View the full article
  23. And it's one scruffy-lookin' nerf burger. View the full article
  24. Signaling intent to develop self-driving car system, Intel opened its Autonomous Driving Garage in San Jose with an event that emphasized how big a part data and fast connections will play. View the full article
  25. The FBI director tells a senate subcommittee that Russia is "the greatest threat of any nation on Earth." View the full article
  26. The social network has been dealing with the consequences of letting people livestream whatever they want to its nearly 2 billion users. Meanwhile, business is good. View the full article
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