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  2. The people behind Hamilton aren't just counting on laws to combat ticket bots -- they're enlisting the help of the ticket providers as well. Ticketmaster has revealed that it will use its recent Verified Fan feature to give you a better chance of see... View the full article
  3. The Apple Watch 3 could be announced at next month's iPhone event, according to a report. View the full article
  4. Your next "sensitive flight" may be protected by DJI’s new offline mode. View the full article
  5. Atari is making good on its promise to stake part of its strategy on LGBTQ apps. The company has formed a partnership with LGBT Media, the company behind the social app LGBTQutie, to reach more of the community. The deal will see LGBT Media acquire... View the full article
  6. The latest one runs on the power of parenting -- or whatever's left over from parenting. View the full article
  7. UPS is about to give its student delivery drivers a whole new training setup. Soon the shipping company will teach a new class how to navigate city streets and avoid hazards in a VR simulator using off-the-shelf HTC Vive headsets. View the full article
  8. We discuss whether Samsung should give loyal customers additional incentives, as well as a new Amazon initiative and "The Walking Dead." View the full article
  9. Over the next few weeks, Facebook will be introducing a few updates to its News Feed that make it clearer and easier to navigate. First, comments within a post are going to look a bit different. They'll now look like chat bubbles and replies to speci... View the full article
  10. Instagram doesn't care if you see all your friends' posts in chronological order. But it does want you interacting with the month-old photos its algorithm picks to appear above and below more recent posts. The latest example is a change to how commen... View the full article
  11. Of course, that presumes Uber will exist in 20 years. View the full article
  12. Facebook is beefing up its Camera functionality with a trio of Snapchat- and Instagram Live-inspired updates. Starting today, iOS and Android users have the ability to go live, create GIFs and share colorful blocks of text directly from the Facebook... View the full article
  13. Two Florida college students stumble on an incredible piece of NASA space shuttle history at a discount sale. View the full article
  14. Media ratings giant Nielsen announced today that publishers will now get credit for digital video content aired on Facebook, Hulu and YouTube. "Through capturing this audience, Nielsen is providing publishers, agencies and advertisers with a better p... View the full article
  15. Going to the movies isn't cheap and MoviePass wants to fix that. The company has just announced a $9.95 no contract subscription plan that'll grant subscribers access to one movie per day in a theater without blackouts. Previously, users were limited... View the full article
  16. Commentary: In the annual NetBase survey, the top 5 most loved brands are from the tech world. Google isn't one of them. View the full article
  17. It looks like somebody spilled paint on Saturn in a Cassini spacecraft image showing the planet's fascinating cloud patterns. View the full article
  18. Before Cassini takes its final dive into Saturn's atmosphere, revisit the ringed planet and its exotic moons as seen by the spacecraft's cameras. View the full article
  19. The latest Google Daydream series will give you a VR look into the closets of supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Cindy Crawford. The series -- aptly called Supermodel Closets -- was made in partnership with Vogue and Condé Nast Entertainment... View the full article
  20. Today, the popular live TV streaming service Sling announced a new browser-based player for Google Chrome. The feature is in beta but it's available to all current Sling users. View the full article
  21. The chip maker's mid-year report shows small upticks but progress toward a larger goal of achieving full representation. View the full article
  22. The former president’s response to violence surpasses Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie for the No. 2 spot. Ariana Grande's post-bombing tweet remains No. 1. View the full article
  23. Uber has come under fire more than once for failing to protect privacy, and now it's facing the consequences. The ridesharing outfit has settled with the US' Federal Trade Commission over allegations that it not only didn't adequately safeguard data,... View the full article
  24. Amazon may have introduced Instant Pickup today, but Target has news of its own. Yesterday, we reported that Target had purchased Grand Junction, a same-day delivery company. Now, the company has announced that its next-day delivery service, Target R... View the full article
  25. Up until now, it was replacing defective units with more of the same. View the full article
  26. Plus: 4 bonus deals, including a $6 Qi charging pad, a free zombie game and more! View the full article
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